Iceland interconnector

So there’s some talk about running a power cable from Iceland across to Scotland, thus providing Europe with a “green” source of electricity generated from Iceland’s surplus geothermal energy resources. China is already laying cables over 2,200 km / 1300 miles long, though these are above ground. For Iceland it … Continue reading

China leads

It appears that China is now the world’s largest smartphone market, and I can’t see that changing soon. The west is reaching smartphone saturation level so there’s not much room for new expansion (just on-going replacement at contract renewal time) while China with its billion+ population numbers (and fast growing … Continue reading

Google stores

Rumour has it that we might be seeing some Google stores opening in the not too distant future. I rather hope they do.  Google may not have the same range of branded hardware as Apple has with their products, but it would give Google the opportunity to showcase directly to … Continue reading


In times gone by AOL was often seen as a bit of a joke by the technically literate (or even by a basically competent computer user).   The sort of person who used AOL would be seen as the sort of person who thought the CD draw on their computer was … Continue reading

Technology future

Time for a technology change cycle to come around again?   Look back 20 years or so and the technology / mobile phone market was dominated by companies like IBM and Benefon, multinational companies providing some excellent (analogue) phones with big plans for the future. However they totally underestimated the speed … Continue reading

Google and Apple

So it looks like Google is going to pay Apple $ 1 billion next year to be the default search engine within the iOS empire. Interesting how Google and Apple may be competitors  in various areas, but Google does seem to be more open in its cross-systems attitudes,  and rather say … Continue reading


So EE are currently claiming 45% population coverage with their 4G service, and by the summer this should be up to 55% coverage. As someone who likes his mobile internet I’d been following T-Mobile / EE 4G development over the last year, and their activation of the system in the … Continue reading

WebRTC and Skype

What’s this WebRTC thing and what about the future for Skype. Quite a few people I know use Skype. Of them not one person I know has had anything positive to say about Microsoft’s takeover of Skype and its integration in with Messenger. However how much of a future does … Continue reading