4K monitors

It appears ASUS is launching a new monitor with a 3840 by 2160 display; a 4K device with a screen the equivalent of four current HD displays.

I assume this first one will be horribly expensive, however once one company has brought something to market the rest will soon follow and prices will tumble.

So I guess we are now talking about 4K screens arriving for home consumption, yet much of the population is not yet HD! Perhaps they are the lucky ones in that those who have recently spent vast amounts of money on fancy HD 1920 x 1080 displays are about to find themselves out of date.

4K video cameras are falling in price too. Still currently well above my level but now at a price some of the more serious YouTube vloggers I know are happy to pay.

This will also require an even faster internet connection for the vastly increased data transfer required to service 4K streams. A never ending circle – just as you think you’ve got things sorted technology come along and gives you a swift kick in the nuts and demands another round of upgrades from you.

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