4k video

I must confess I would quite like a 4k video camera.

It’s not that I have any intention in producing any 4k video for upload to the internet, but for two other specific reasons. Recording in 4k but downscaling to 1080 can give an improved picture by reducing the amount of noise, this is especially true for dark or low light recording. The other reason is the flexibility of being able to pan around or crop your 4k clip and so ‘zoom in’ down to 1080 level without any worry of reduced quality through pixilation.

At the time of writing this my choice of camera would be the recently released Panasonic GH4, however in reality we are looking at around £1300 (body only) which is money I don’t really have for spending on non-essentials. After all I currently have a perfectly good GH3 which can produce great quality stills and video, I have some other older camera and even smartphone devices all capable of recording quality video.

So a reality-check is needed here and wait for perhaps the GH5 to come out – Panasonic tend to have an annual update cycle – which would in turn give me time to put some extra funds to one side for this sort of purchase.

On the other hand I really would like a GH4….

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