So we’ve just had the new BlackBerry announcement.

I’ve used Windows Mobile phones before and they’ve performed in a perfectly competent fashion, but were rather ‘blown away’ when I got my iPhone 3GS (and discovered the ease and use of Apps). We then had the Windows 8 phone release which I followed but it did nothing for me. However the run up to this BlackBerry release had got me interested.

I’ve never been a BlackBerry user and have had no real desire or need for one. However I’ve seen many students around where I work use them and they seem happy with them. Perhaps it was the efficiency of the BlackBerry ‘leaks’ that have been occurring over the last few months, but my interest had been stimulated to see what BlackBerry was going to release and to whether out of my general gadget-curiosityness (have I made a new word?) would I like to give one a play.

So we had the release and I was suitably stimulated. The early reviews of the BlackBerry Z10 seem to show it as a competent though not that exciting phone, enough to get me looking into it…. until I saw the prices.

They seem to have priced this right against the iPhone 5 / top end Android phones and I think that’s a big mistake. Yes, it is a competent phone but there’s no real killer feature that makes it uniquely stand out that will get me to pay a top price.

BlackBerry have lost market share and surely if they want to get some of that back they either need something so special it will blow away the opposition, or a good device but at a price that will undercut the others.

Oh well, they’ve done what they’ve done and I hope it goes well for them, but they’ve failed to get me on board.

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