Microsoft Band 2

Microsoft Band 2 first thoughts. How about some first impressions of my Microsoft Band 2 that I got a week ago. (This is NOT a blow by blow review of all its functions etcetera, just some first thoughts on how I found using it.) Let’s get something sorted out first … Continue reading

remote desktop

Remote Desktop computer access. Over time I’ve tried one or two different remote desktop applications but none have impressed me enough to make me want to continue using them. However the idea of accessing my home desktop machine from anywhere has become quite appealing so I thought I’d have another … Continue reading

Windows Technical Preview

I’m having a play with the new Windows Technical Preview / Windows 10 and find myself pleasantly impressed. I’ve installed it onto two machines, both machines around 8 years old. One a Pentium D based device, the other with an AMD Athlon processor, both of these computers originally came with … Continue reading

China leads

It appears that China is now the world’s largest smartphone market, and I can’t see that changing soon. The west is reaching smartphone saturation level so there’s not much room for new expansion (just on-going replacement at contract renewal time) while China with its billion+ population numbers (and fast growing … Continue reading


In times gone by AOL was often seen as a bit of a joke by the technically literate (or even by a basically competent computer user).   The sort of person who used AOL would be seen as the sort of person who thought the CD draw on their computer was … Continue reading