Steve Ballmer has dismissed Dropbox as a ‘fine little start-up’ with only 100 million users.

In a way I can live with that, Dropbox only having one hundred million is nothing compared to the billion Office users.

However a vast number of those Dropbox users are students at schools, colleges and universities, and they like it. They also use Office, but only use Office because they have to, not because they like it!

However today’s university graduates will move into the adult world of work, commerce, industry and so on, and many will take their Dropbox experience with them.

I’ll be curious to see how its usage develops over the next few years as these ‘happy users’ move up through their places of work. May succeed, may fall by the way-side, we’ll see; but I think dismissing it because it currently only has 100 million users is a bit rash.

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