So EE are currently claiming 45% population coverage with their 4G service, and by the summer this should be up to 55% coverage.

As someone who likes his mobile internet I’d been following T-Mobile / EE 4G development over the last year, and their activation of the system in the second half of 2012 coincided with contract renewal time for me.  However I was somewhat pissed off at their 4G prices, and totally pissed off at their data caps.

So fora standard 12 month contract the cheapest is currently at £41 a month and with a 500MB data limit. So there they are plugging their ‘superfast’ service and charging you a premium for it but then giving you a limit you could get through in a matter of minutes! Clever!!!

Needless to say I did not bother to switch contracts across to their new service, and have just noticed that Three will not be charging a premium for their 4G service when it arrives later this year.

A lot can (and will) happen between now and next contract renewal, but if T-Mobile want to keep me they’d better get themselves sorted.

It would also be nice if they’d spend a bit more time getting a good basic 3G service across the whole of the country, but I guess the smaller towns is not where they’re making the biggest profit, so they don’t really care.

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