End of Year (and Formula Student Germany).

It’s come round to the the end of the academic year again.

Graduations finished a while ago, so another batch of (now ex-) students have been let out into the real world. A few undergraduate students still here doing summer placements and projects of various sorts, and also a sudden (temporary) jump in student population as those doing exam re-sits are undergoing that wonderful ritual! (Mutters something about if only they had bothered not to get so pissed quite so often then they’d probably have passed on first attempt!)

The Formula Student crowd are back from a successful Germany competition (held at the Hockenheim-Ring). Their overall place of 24th (out of 77) may not sound as good as their 20th place at Silverstone, however the competition at Hockenheim was far stiffer than at Silverstone, so to get up into the top third is a definite success. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens next year as they are thinking of changing from a 4 cylinder engine to a smaller single cylinder one.

A smaller engine does not necessarily result in less ‘speed’. A smaller engine means a lighter engine, and with less power also means a lighter chassis, and this can have greater performance benefits compared to a more powerful, but heavier setup.

Things in general at work have settled down to a post-fire routine. This is one of those things that you can never really know how it is going to affect you until it happens! The thing is most of the building that was damaged is still a construction site as rebuilding continues. It will remain in this condition at least till early next year, so come the start of the new semester in a few weeks time ’emergency study facilities’ will still be needed.

Once again, this sort of thing is a nice reminder about backing up your work – you never know how or when disaster may strike.

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