Engineering Videos

From the drop-down menu from the bar above there should be some links directing you to some of my individual student-related engineering video pages.

They are  some of the YouTube mechanical engineering and electrical engineering  videos I have uploaded to that channel.

Various things will be there such as Lego Mindstorm based autonomous shooting devices. A MagnetoHydrodynamic submersible project – submarine propulsion but the propulsion device has no moving parts!

There is also a Formula Student USM page.

Various quadcopters (also with varying levels of success!). A selection of hovercrafts – usually these have been one of the more successful projects. A selection of submersibles and surface vessels, some wireless controlled, some controlled by cable.

Some line following robots and a four legged ‘walker’. A Congreve clock as well as a solar energy water heater.

Model dam failure, where you can see reservoir water working its way through a sand and gravel dam until there is a sudden and total failure of the dam.

A pedal powered water pump for irrigation use. Some of these projects, like this one go back to 2007. Others are from the current year.

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