Formula Student, USM

Formula Student is a U.K. student engineering competition.

Based on the rules of Formula SAE, an international competition where student build a small scale Formula-style racing car. Various competitions are held around the world, although each one is its own self-contained event.

USM (University of Strathclyde Motorsport) has been regularly attending the U.K. Formula Student event since 2001 and first went across to Germany for FSG (Formula Student Germany) in 2006.

USM launch day for 2015.


USM launch day of their 2014 vehicle.

USM launch day of their 2013 vehicle.

There have been mixed results over the years, however this does not take into account the resources that may (or may not) be made available to each team by their respective student institutions. When you factor this in then USM can been generally quite proud of their achievements, especially in recent years in winning various ‘best in class’ type awards.

USM launch of their 2012 vehicle.

The engineering skills developed through carrying out the development and construction of the vehicle and other activities related to Formula Student has directly resulted in some of the students in receiving some *very nice* job offers. What should also be factored in is that USM students do all this as an additional task, on top of their course studies, so their efforts and success are even more commendable.

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