Formula Student Results.

Just seen the UK (Silverstone) Formula Student results for Strathclyde.

Overall position; 20th out of just over 100. All things considered that’s actually not too bad.
After all, earlier on in the year there had been a major fire which knocked out of commission their workshop, and for about a month they couldn’t even get to their part-constructed chassis or to any of their tools, equipment or machinery.

Eventually they were allowed access to their area, not to work but to recover what they could, and then shift that across to some alternative workshop space that they had set up in (thanks to Civil Engineering for giving space).

So to now, a few months later with a new car constructed and working (after many recent all-night sessions) to see them come 20th is – in my¬†opinion¬†– ‘A Great Achievement’.

Well done guys.

Strathclyde Formula Student

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