Formula Student

Strathclyde’s Formula Student guys have just had their ‘launch day’ for their 2012 car.

What they manage to produce, and (especially when compared to the opposition) on a very tight budget, is quite amazing. This year even more so considering a major fire in February which trashed the building that houses their work and machine shop area. (This sort of thing just shows the importance of having contingency plans, those unexpected things – totally out of your control – can happen at any time!) However very quickly emergency alternative facilities were organised and new plans and schedules drawn up.

It’s always been a pleasure watching a new car develop each year, I took a small amount of video (and pictures) during their official 2012 launch last month.

As for the competitions, there’s Silverstone in mid July, then off to Germany and the Hockenheim circuit for the end of July / start of August.

As for their competitors, it’s not just from Europe. There will be around 100 teams from across the world – Australia, China, India, Russia, the United States, Egypt, Ecuador….you get the idea.

This is a highly competitive event!

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