Google and Apple

So it looks like Google is going to pay Apple $ 1 billion next year to be the default search engine within the iOS empire.

Interesting how Google and Apple may be competitors  in various areas, but Google does seem to be more open in its cross-systems attitudes,  and rather say ‘sod you, we’ll just work flat out for our own system’ they will still work with active competitors. (Both Mozilla and Opera benefit from Google funding.)
I guess this reflects the power of of information obtained with long term data analysis compared to short term costs. It can also make it easier for developers in that if they code to work within the Google infrastructure then it should work where ever Google works, regardless whether this is on Android, iOS, Windows Mobile or desktop, and the more things that are used within iOS the more Apple will gain.
After all, what the end user wants is ease and simplicity of use. It’s a real pain having to remember how one thing works on the iPad then having to mentally change gear to run the same thing on an Android. A little bit more innovation by cooperation between Google & Apple would be ever so nice.

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