Google stores

Rumour has it that we might be seeing some Google stores opening in the not too distant future.

I rather hope they do.  Google may not have the same range of branded hardware as Apple has with their products, but it would give Google the opportunity to showcase directly to people the Android system as well as their various Nexus phones and tablets. There’s also the Chromebooks, and if Google Glass is going to be priced around the $500 to $1000 then I’d really be wanting to play with it before thinking of purchase. Each of the Google stores could include an area specifically for the recording of short YouTube videos.  (There’s a large number of people I know who often pop into the nearest Apple store to throw up a quick video of their afternoon out and about with friends.)

I also think if Apple and now Microsoft are going to be on the high street, then Google doesn’t really have much choice. Unlike Apple who sell their products at a considerable mark-up, Google’s products tend to be sold near cost price, so there would not be the same level of profit to be made from any one individual store, but as a way of increasing the public awareness of the brand and as a place to see how the public reacts to new concepts and ideas then they could be successful.

Only one way for Google to find out and that’s to give it a try.

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