iPad replacement

A few days ago I was thinking to myself what would I do if my iPad stopped working.

It’s an iPad 2 so relatively old, though other than being a bit short on memory (most of its 16 gig is full) it does everything I want from it.

I could quite happily drop down in size and go for an iPad Mini. That size of screen is still large enough for me to use as a ‘full size’ device, but being that much smaller would make it more portable. The one thing that would hold me back is that I don’t want to go and spend money on a Mini only to have come out a couple of months later a retina version of it. So if this happened right now I think I’d go a base model Nexus 7 to tide me along, and then when the next iPad / iPad Mini update happened re-assess the situation.

However Samsung have just announced their Galaxy Note 8, an iPad Mini sized tablet running Android Jelly Bean and using the S Pen stylus Рwhich I happen to rather like. Fingers are great on touch screens but can cover up so much area it can make precision selections a bit awkward.

I’m quite happy with Android, I’m quite happy with iOS. Both have their strengths and weaknesses and both a capable of covering my needs, so it really could be down to price. If the Samsung is priced above the iPad Mini, then Mini, if cheaper, then Samsung. If both were similarly priced, then I’m really not sure. What could swing then may depend on what updates Apple may have done to its iOS. Although I’m happy with both systems I do prefer Jelly Bean to iOS 6.1, but then a Mini with a Retina screen resolution would out perform the Samsung’s screen.

I’m glad at the moment this is just¬†hypothetical.

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