It’s new academic year time

Time again to get back to some academic studying (maybe).

Also time for students to remember all those promises they made to themselves towards the end of last year about starting reports, projects and all that academic stuff shortly after been given them, NOT shortly before hand-in time!


Stone castle. Solid, rather like a student’s brain!

If we accept that your typical student will, for the first two-thirds of their course, spend 40% of that time pissed out of their trees, the same amount of time hung over / feeling sorry for themselves, that leaves 20% for studying. (Get to the final one-third of their course and there’s the usual panic catch-up; it’s nearer the end than the beginning… I need to find a job… oh crap I don’t know anything… this can be an amazing student sobering up experience!) However this whole business of ‘discovering life’ really is part of the growing up process that makes up student life. ‘Discovering’ the Students Union, ‘discovering’ living away from home and being totally free of parental control…  looking back and ‘discovering’ that you’re a lot less mature than you thought… it’s life at Uni.

Despite this, if in the earlier part instead of spending 40% pissed, they could reduce it down to 30% (just a 10% difference – is that too much to ask), this in turn would reflect through to a reduced time feeling like crap hung over to around 30%, which in turn would double from 20% to 40% the amount of time available for productive work.

So for a relatively small change in body abuse time, the improvement in the Uni study time could make for a far less stressful period which must be a good thing (and even improve the bank account situation!). It would make the overall university experience such a nicer one which should lead to better results and improved chance of a better job at the end.

A general win-win situation (but then some things never seem to change).

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