Microsoft price cut

It looks like Microsoft is cutting the price of Windows 8 and Office to PC makers, especially those doing small screen and touch screen devices. I assume they are deliberately targeting those devices competing against the iPad and hoping this software price reduction will be reflected in equivalent hardware price reduction. Also assume that it’s to encourage more manufacturers to start producing Windows tablet devices.

I actually quite like Windows 8 and run it on various (quite old) machines, however I do run it using the conventional Win XP type screen display, not the fancy what was called Metro style with its blocks for icons. (If I had a touch screen tablet, then perhaps things would be different, but on a desk top set-up I find it so annoying.)

I have no interest in a Surface RT tablet device. If it looks like Windows and feels like Windows and the screen has the size and resolution to run my Windows compatible programs then I want to be able to run them, so the proper Surface Pro tablet could interest me. However only at a price significantly less than any similarly sized iPad. If an unknown and untested device such as the Surface is priced right against the iPad and doesn’t appear to have anything really special about it, then I’m either going iPad (they are great devices) or cheap Windows netbook.

These Microsoft tablets have not sold well and unless they do a significant price cut I’m remaining uninterested.

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