New academic year for 2013.

It’s getting near to the start of the new academic year.

Time I kicked this blog back into life with a few student observed projects and some comments on anything technological that happens to catch my eye.

I really used to like The Register as a source of information. The nice thing with it is that the version highlighted a lot of the British and European technology stories where so many other web sites were totally American biased.  However for reasons I’m not too sure of I seem to have gone off that site. I still do look at it, but usually as a third or fourth place to go to.

At the moment my favourite is The Verge which I’m usually monitoring through the day. If on my mobile then I’m browsing my Flipboard, the results of which are very much based on my social media links. One thing nice about The Verge is that it does include occasional links and stories about culture and other non-technical events, however they usually are of the type that will interest a technology-orientated readership.

Perhaps I’ll add a few other things here as well (or possibly totally forget about it!!!).


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