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Remote Desktop computer access.

Over time I’ve tried one or two different remote desktop applications but none have impressed me enough to make me want to continue using them. However the idea of accessing my home desktop machine from anywhere has become quite appealing so I thought I’d have another go.

A look around a few reviews showed that TeamViewer was highly rated so I downloaded it, created a Windows restore point (I always like to make my own separate restore point before doing anything like a program install); the TeamViewer create account and program install routine only took moments. Next was to sort out the TeamViewer app on my iPad mini, also a quick and simple process.

First impressions of this remote desktop system… very positive. It really was quite weird seeing my Windows 7 desktop filling my iPad screen, and also quite impressed with the lack of latency / speed of response between performing an action on my iPad and seeing the response. This was with both my iPad and PC working through my home broadband connection, so next was to tether my iPad through my mobile phone’s hotspot function (3G speed) and connect to my desktop machine that way. An ever so slight delay between iPad action and response, but no more a delay than I’ve seen on some not so well setup desktop machines anyway.

For individual use the TeamViewer software is (currently) free though the cost for commercial use seems quite steep. However for me so far it has worked very well and if I was a commercial organisation needing a robust reliable system I’d rather pay for something that’s going to work trouble free (and help me make me money) than something that may be cheap to buy but give me operational grief.

I’ll have to see how this works out over the long-term but first impressions are highly favourable.

TeamViewer site and TeamViewer on Wikipedia.

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