what’s best for a web search

To search: Bing or Google?


What for searching

For performing a web search Google has become the dominant engine for much of the world, many now use the term as a verb (which gives the grammar police much to argue about; as a proper noun it is Google, but when used as a verb should it be “to Google” or “to google”).

However Microsoft has its Bing engine which has grown in popularity recently, especially with it being very much integrated into the Windows 10 environment. (Remembers back when you selected your search engine according to the subject area you wanted to search around – Alta Vista for technical, Lycos for general, Veronica for Gopher, and must not forget Archie.)

For searching (or for web browsing for that matter) I have no loyalty to any one product over another. They are all there to do a job, and I just want to use the best one that suits my situation at that time. So I have used both Google and Bing fairly extensively, and know which I prefer.

I have the simple routine of using one – usually Google if I happen to be browsing with Chrome, usually Bing if browsing with IE / Edge. I’ll then work through the search results and if I end up on the fourth or fifth page but not found what I was looking for I’ll copy and paste my query into the other search engine and start again.

How have things gone?

The number of times I’ve started with Google, failed, then switched to Bing – a few.

The number of times I’ve started with Bing, failed, then switched to Google – frequently.

So for me searching using Google has vastly outperformed searching using Bing. I can’t say I’ve noticed any particular pattern across search areas or subjects, just that I switch from Google to Bing far fewer times than from Bing to Google.  I’m quite happy to continue on with my routine for the foreseeable future, however should Bing improve in its results quality then I will happily switch to it as my first choice, but at the moment Google rules.

(It’s one thing to take Google as a verb and give it its past participle of googled, but then to take Bing and make that binged gives it a somewhat different meaning!)

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