Google stores

Rumour has it that we might be seeing some Google stores opening in the not too distant future. I rather hope they do.  Google may not have the same range of branded hardware as Apple has with their products, but it would give Google the opportunity to showcase directly to … Continue reading

Google and Apple

So it looks like Google is going to pay Apple $ 1 billion next year to be the default search engine within the iOS empire. Interesting how Google and Apple may be competitors  in various areas, but Google does seem to be more open in its cross-systems attitudes,  and rather say … Continue reading

Poor Microsoft

What about tablet sales and Microsoft. Comparing the last three months of 2011 to the last three months of 2012, for 2012 apparently tablet device sales have jumped up by around 75%. For that 2012 period Apple shipped just under 23 million iPads, Samsung around 8 million Galaxy tablets, Amazon … Continue reading


So we’ve just had the new BlackBerry announcement. I’ve used Windows Mobile phones before and they’ve performed in a perfectly competent fashion, but were rather ‘blown away’ when I got my iPhone 3GS (and discovered the ease and use of Apps). We then had the Windows 8 phone release which I … Continue reading