In times gone by AOL was often seen as a bit of a joke by the technically literate (or even by a basically competent computer user).   The sort of person who used AOL would be seen as the sort of person who thought the CD draw on their computer was … Continue reading


So EE are currently claiming 45% population coverage with their 4G service, and by the summer this should be up to 55% coverage. As someone who likes his mobile internet I’d been following T-Mobile / EE 4G development over the last year, and their activation of the system in the … Continue reading

WebRTC and Skype

What’s this WebRTC thing and what about the future for Skype. Quite a few people I know use Skype. Of them not one person I know has had anything positive to say about Microsoft’s takeover of Skype and its integration in with Messenger. However how much of a future does … Continue reading