Steve Ballmer has dismissed Dropbox as a ‘fine little start-up’ with only 100 million users. In a way I can live with that, Dropbox only having one hundred million is nothing compared to the billion Office users. However a vast number of those Dropbox users are students at schools, colleges … Continue reading

Formula Student Results.

Just seen the UK (Silverstone) Formula Student results for Strathclyde. Overall position; 20th out of just over 100. All things considered that’s actually not too bad. After all, earlier on in the year there had been a major fire which knocked out of commission their workshop, and for about a … Continue reading

Formula Student

Strathclyde’s Formula Student guys have just had their ‘launch day’ for their 2012 car. What they manage to produce, and (especially when compared to the opposition) on a very tight budget, is quite amazing. This year even more so considering a major fire in February which trashed the building that … Continue reading

What’s Happened!

Oh dear, what’s happened. The last entry was for the end of January, and now it’s the end of June. At the start of February there was a major fire at work. This totally disrupted things, interfered with student study, destroyed large amounts of research work, threatened employment, and generally … Continue reading