WebRTC and Skype

What’s this WebRTC thing and what about the future for Skype.

Quite a few people I know use Skype. Of them not one person I know has had anything positive to say about Microsoft’s takeover of Skype and its integration in with Messenger.

However how much of a future does Skype have? Recently I’ve noticed comments about something called WebRTC (Web Real Time Communication). The idea behind this to enable things like browsers (or any web based application) to be able to provide audio and video communications just as part of what they do. No plug-ins to configure or add-ons to download, WebRTC functionality is inherently part of the application.

So why bother loading up a separate program now controlled by a company you may not like when you can have similar capabilities built into your browser. I will assume things like contact lists will get integrated into something like browser bookmarks and that as the browser code gets developed it will include smartphone versions. Considering that Google has released its WebRTC package for Chrome as open source, I can’t see it not happening.

Could be interesting times for those who like their video chat, and also for those companies who are currently trying to make money from it!


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