What’s Happened!

Oh dear, what’s happened. The last entry was for the end of January, and now it’s the end of June.

At the start of February there was a major fire at work. This totally disrupted things, interfered with student study, destroyed large amounts of research work, threatened employment, and generally caused havoc. Add to this a supervisor taking early retirement at short notice, but then for various health reasons leaving even earlier (and before any proper hand-over of tasks) meant that life has been in a bit of a state of confusion and disorder.

However, after nearly 5 months, things are starting to get back to a more stable operating condition. Alternative routines have been established, equipment is coming back into use, things are ‘happening’ (though there is still the problem of lost research).

So hopefully this blog should kick back into life too, though it may have to wait till the academic year starts again in September (and the undergraduates return) before too much happens here.

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