Some updates on my Microsoft Band 2 smart band.


It’s about 6 weeks since I got my Microsoft Band 2, so I thought it was time for some more comments. Two things first; I am not a fitness person so its main use for general long term background measurements; and I also no longer have it!

Band 2 on box
Microsoft Band 2

As mentioned in an earlier posting, perhaps the best thing of owning something like this was the inherent ‘motivation factor’ that came with it. Realising you were being constantly monitored did provided me with sufficient encouragement to use the stairs. Or if walking to work why not make the effort to speed-walk rather than my usual gentle wander. Do not underestimate the psychology behind these devices!

The web based health app is informative and reasonably well organised. It does though it does tale a little bit of time to work your way around where everything is. I still find myself a bit underwhelmed by the iPhone app.

On the negative side I’m still unimpressed with the sleep tracking . It totally misses times when in the middle of the night I’ll not just be awake but have got up and walked around and perhaps gone to use the bathroom.

I’ve also walked ‘vigorously’ up 6 or 7 flights of stairs taking the stairs two at a time. At the top then told the Band 2 to check my pulse (while measuring it myself). Often find the Band is under-reading by say 30bpm. (It seems competent at giving a reasonable long term average but poor on responding to changes – even when you ask it to do readings.)


I was browsing the forums on a Microsoft Band 2 blog site and noticed repeated complaints about the strap splitting. Time for a quick check on mine. Despite it only being weeks old there was a very small split exactly where people were complaining about. Within a couple of days turned into a major fail of the strap, so it was returned to the shop for a replacement.

he trouble is that the next one didn’t last very long before splitting in the exactly the same place.  If it had not been for this strap problem I’d have been happy enough to keep the device. Despite its failings it still did provide both some useful body-related health information and as a wrist-based extension of my phone.

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